A Natural Horse Boarding Facility
Boarding and Events Serving Many Disciplines

Our philosophy at Saddle Creek Stables is to allow our horses to live in an environment that is as natural to their own as is possible. They are therefore out in grassy paddocks in small herds approximately 21 hours/day. The paddocks are well maintained with routine resting, fertilizing, and weed killing. Each paddock contains a salt block as well as an equine mineral block specifically for horses maintained primarily on pasture.
Horses are continuous grazers; their stomach volume is only 2 ½ to 3 gallons. Therefore, we do not support intermittent large volume grain/pellet feedings, (that type of feeding is most often necessary at facilities which lack proper pasture).

The horses are brought in once a day to be looked at and to receive their daily dewormer, and any supplements/additives the owner chooses. In the winter we find it necessary to supplement their paddock forage with alfalfa because of slower grass growth. We try to protect our environment with ecologically friendly products. We use pelleted bedding over mats because of their easy and quick decomposition as opposed to shavings. We also use fly predators, fly traps and fly strips instead of chemical spraying in the barn.
Almost all of the horses are barefoot with healthy feet, because they are walking and grazing instead of standing in a stall 12 to 14 hours a day with remnants of urine and feces in the bedding. Allowing our horses to live in a natural environment keeps them happy, healthy and playful.

If this is the environment you are looking for come and visit us, your horse will thank you!



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